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My Renaissance Mami

My mother has always been the key arbiter of wisdom in my life—and not just because she taught me that my nipples must forever point upward in my bra. My Mami—equal parts powerhouse, lady and muse—taught me that beauty is not an adjective, but instead a verb, and raised me on the power of projecting […]

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María Dueñas, Debut Novelist of The Time in Between

Spanish professor and author, María Dueñas, makes her American literary debut with The Time in Between, a book that is as textured and sumptuous as it is difficult to categorize. Just like the story’s protagonist, a talented seamstress named Sira Quiroga—Dueñas herself weaves together the elements of history, politics, psychological drama, and high fashion to […]


How did Zumba Become Such a Fitness Craze?

Zumba, the booty-popping, hip-thrusting, arm-waving dance exercise craze that has been sweeping the planet, was pure happenstance or a “happy accident,” as Zumba founder Alberto “Beto” Perez refers to it. Beto was ready to lead his step aerobics class in his native Cali, Colombia, when he realized he’d forgotten his usual exercise music. Rummaging though […]


Vipassana Meditation: Why Ten Days of Silence Will Calm any Latina

No phones. No music. No writing. No reading. No talking. I began to digest the fact that this seemingly contemptuous litany of ‘no’s’ also meant: no whining, complaining, venting, tweeting, texting, blogging, blabbing, pinging, poking, sending, receiving, screening, downloading, uploading.My mind screamed, “No way!’ as I headed into a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat for the […]


Shake Up Your Asanas!: Where Yoga Meets Dance

For many of us, yoga equals a serene state of quiet stillness, a zone in which to work on balance, tranquility, and alignment. But sometimes you need to shake things up. Why not try a more communicative yoga practice, one that takes the phrase “fullest expression of the pose” to an entirely new level? We’re […]


Tips for KickBoxing Yourself to Fitness

You’ve tried power-walking and pilates to shrink your waistline, yoga and meditation to clear your mind…but there are those days, when you just want to throwdown and punch something—anything! For a good, old-school-style sweat that gets the aggression out, why not return to kickboxing? Kickboxing is the quintessential workout for the classic alpha female, who […]


Digital Learning: Best Educational Apps for Kids

We’ve all seen it at the dinner table: the kid who simply does not want to part with the iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iEtc. As frustrating as it may be, let’s accept the fact that the onslaught of i-Accessories have become part of our family’s everyday. Let’s also devise a plan to take advantage of […]