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Beware of Black Friday!

Black Friday. It’s the most anticipated shopping day of the year and the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It’s a day when many excited shoppers line up at their favorite stores in the wee hours of the morning, hoping to score this year’s hottest gifts. And while the potential to save oodles of […]


Last Minute Gifts You Can Email

Who hasn´t had a case of last minute gift panic? Christmas is only a few days away, so by now your gift shopping should be all wrapped up. If not, you’re probably feeling the pressure and wondering how you’re going to pull it off. Well, no worries! Here’s a list of useful and unique gifts that can […]


The Best Black Friday Deals

Smart shoppers everywhere are making a list and checking it twice in hopes of scoring some great deals this coming Black Friday. To help you plan, here’s a rundown of some of the more popular stores and the bargains that could be yours. Target will open its doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving at 9p.m., and […]


‘Tis the Season: Plan Your Holiday Spending Now

Whether you’re ready or not, the month of December will soon be here. For most of us, that means lots of expensive gift giving and costly entertaining. Some people plan ahead by shopping for presents all year round. Others have budgeted and saved methodically for the season. But if you’re like most, you’re probably getting […]


Marry or Live Together: The Financial Pros & Cons

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 It goes without saying that the decision to get married should not be based solely on financial gain—unless of course, as with some couples, it’s your reason for getting married in the first place. Simply consolidating your homes under one roof, by living together without tying the knot, can offer indisputable […]


The Financial Cost of Owning a Dog

We’ve given them the title of Man’s Best Friend because they protect us and love us unconditionally; and in return, we treat them like family. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know how much fun and rewarding they can be, but you also know they come with a price…literally. Whether you already have a […]