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Visiting Washington D.C. With Kids

The history and learning opportunities alone make traveling to Washington D.C. a worthwhile trip. But with so many museums, government buildings and attractions the city can be overwhelming especially when visiting with children. Pre-planning and research are key to making a D.C. trip easy on the entire family. Another great idea to consider is renting […]


Terrible Twos: Raising Twin Tweens!

Whenever a friend or family welcomes a new baby- somewhere along the way my husband and I get asked- ‘HOW did you do it with two?’ The ‘toughness’ with twins almost always is associated with the infant and toddler years (and perhaps the teen years) but no one really tells you about those ‘in between’ […]


Why Are Tweens Trend Setters Marketing-Wise

Why are tweens trend setters in the eyes of PR and marketing companies? Los Tweenstell us exactly why! Alright tween parents, brace yourselves!  The Intelligence Group’s newest Cassandra Report on tweens and marketing is one that will shock you.  They found that children ages 7-12 are “extremely influential” when it comes to big and small household purchases and they’re armed […]


Despicable Me 2-A Review

Despicable Me is on constant repeat in my Blu-Ray player.  The tweens can recite full scenes and there are minions all over the house.  To say they were excited about Despicable Me 2 is an understatement.  When we received the invite to attend the pre-screening, the tween reporters had the hardest time figuring out who […]


Reading Tips for Tweens to Make them Better Readers

Los Tweens give reading tips for tweens to help them enjoy the best books this summer. Summer is a great time to keep your tweens reading but letting them explore new titles or genres. And it’s a terrific opportunity to have them read titles by Latinos and multicultural authors that address stories from a cultural, social or community […]


Steve Wozniak on Empowering Tweens

How amazing would it be if the next Steve Wozniak was a Latina? Through our partnership with Ford Motor Company and the development of the Celebrate Education (#CelebrateEDU) series, our Los Tweens team is working to inspire multicultural parents of girls to help their daughters prepare for careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)-related fields. […]

Is Your Tween Ready for a Cell Phone?

Let’s face it, if you’re a tween parent- you’re in the midst of cell-phone DRAMA! From deciding whether they are ready for one to whether you need your child to have one to concerns over how they are or will use the phone or who communicates with them- you’re in it. And the scariest part […]


Helping Your Tween Keep Learning in The Summer

Sleep in, watch TV, go to camp, hang out with friends and play video games – that about sums up my tween’s plans for the summer. It came as a bit of a shock to them when I grabbed the pages from their school work books that they hadn’t finished and started assigning them a […]

Being a Role Model for your Kids

One word I would use to describe tweens is influenced. This is a sensitive age where influences from every angle of their lives actually matter and impact their behavior or thoughts in a positive or negative way. I have recently become more mindful of this and when my kids tell me that a friend, song, actor, […]