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7 Tips for Successful Freelancing

Successful freelancing is an art. Here are some tips that will help make that happen. I’m a die-hard freelancer—I´ve been doing it for three decades now—and, even though I sometimes complain about crazy deadlines and juggling several projects at once, I would never trade it for a 9-5 job at an office. Other freelancers ask […]


8 Family-friendly Sports

Taking up a family-friendly sport is great idea! According to an article by Melissa Healy in the L.A. Times, Latino children are more likely to exercise if their parents are physically active. Even if you do your own exercise routine alone during the week, you could use the weekends to engage in a family sport. […]


How to Wean Your Kids Off of Soda

If you want to wean your kids off of soda, this post is for you! I breastfed both of my kids for almost a year each and after all of the vitamins, nutrients and immunity I gave them, I wasn’t about to spoil it by letting them drink soda! No way! Especially not after having […]

No Shame in Feeding Your Children Using Food Stamps

I was at the supermarket checkout line when the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a donation for the needy. I would have liked to, but instead, I flashed my food stamps card and shook my head, saying: “I can’t. This time, I’m the needy.” The poor guy blushed and mumbled an apology. […]