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WTF is Cancer: A Film Everyone Should See

Describe cancer in one word. Hope. Fight. (Silence) It’s not an easy question to answer, but that is how the documentary “What the F@#- is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It?” begins. Medical professionals, cancer survivors, relatives of cancer fighters attempt to define in just one word the one thing, that for once in […]


By Sharing My Cancer, I Replaced Fear with Hope

When I asked my mother, she said, “de esas cosas no se habla.”  We don’t speak of these things. Little did I know that telling her about my breast cancer diagnosis wouldn’t be the biggest trauma of that day. I called her in Puerto Rico and was being careful of how I told her and […]


Do You Suffer From Latina Guilt?

To say I feel Latina Guilt at times is a big understatement. As a Latina woman and mother who grew up in the States but is closely connected to her family in Puerto Rico, it comes with the territory. “She married a gringo?” relatives would ask in dismay. “I am not talking to my daughter enough […]