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Christmas Cookies with Latin Flair

I fell in love with these christmas cookies the first time I visited Mexico City. I attended a December wedding and, along with lots of delicious, fresh food, these little cookies were served at each table. They called the cookies Polvorones but, being born and raised in Spain, I have a very traditional picture of what […]


How Can I Teach My Kids Gratitude?

Gratitude is one of the most important skills for kids to learn.  My husband often jokes that in the ten plus years we’ve been together, I’ve given away the things we own at least twice. One time he came home and our bed was gone. He entered our bedroom, changed clothes and continued to act […]


10 Healthy Snacks You´ll Love

Do the words healthy and snacks in the same sentence make you yawn? Well, they shouldn’t! I highly suggest brown bagging your lunch and snacks if you work outside the home.  Heck, I moved our office into our house and I still pack my meals!  Packing it fresh can save you $2000 a year if […]


4 Stress-Free, Quick-Fix Kids Meals in a Flash

So you thought you had time to relax after the kids get settled after school, right? But wait! Now the friends want to come over. A last minute playdate! How on earth will you get everything ready in time and be able to provide some sort of meal for the kids to munch on while […]


Delicious Snack-Time Recipe With Teddy Grahams

Editor’s Note: The following article is one in a series of pieces intended to help busy moms keep their cool all day long, brought to you by Teddy Grahams. Snack time comes around every day just like breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s often a spur of the moment decision. As parents we want to give our […]


Storing Baby Food the Right Way

Storing baby food easily and safely is possible with these tips from Laura Fuentes, CEO of MOMables. Today, many parents are trying to give their children the best possible start with food and nutrition by making their own baby food purees. Some might think that making your own baby food is a difficult task, but […]

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How to Find Summer Childcare

With summer break around the corner or already here, many parents face the dilemma of making childcare arrangements. There are no school schedules to work around, fewer extracurricular activities, no homework that you have to help facilitate—just you and an open schedule to fill. It seems like by the time you get the hang of […]


Baby Food Chart Made Easy

Editor’s Note: The following article is one in a series of pieces inspired by a celebration of Latino heritage and smart nutrition, brought to you by BeechNut/Goya. You’ve been feeding your baby breast milk or formula exclusively for the first 5-6 months. At some point, you are going to have to introduce solids; but where […]