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10 Things Teachers Want To Know About Your Kids

UPDATED May 17th, 2018 Teachers have hopes and goals for creating good relationships with students and parents. To start off the new school year right, there are some basics that most teachers want to know about their students—their learning habits, likes and dislikes, and any circumstances at home that might affect their ability to learn. […]


Does Your High School Student Suffer From Senioritis?

Senioritis: An insidious germ cloud that roams a myriad of high schools, lurking in the shadows between the cafeteria and the decrepit boiler room…seeking to devour wayward 12th graders! Cuidado! It’s the dilemma that parents and high school seniors face as they navigate through their senior year. Read Related: A Parent’s College Bound Checklist “Not […]

A Bilingual Ed Teacher Stands Up for Her Student

A Hispanic bilingual ed teacher explains how she stands up for her student at school. It was windy and cold that December day. It had to be 29 degrees outside, I thought, but I’m no weather girl.  Some misbehaving high school student had just pulled the fire alarm and the football field was filled with […]


How Parents & Kids Can Survive Standardized Testing

Every year, students in public schools across the United States are subjected to the pressure of standardized testing. From elementary to the high school level, school districts administer some form of statewide testing that usually causes our children and students to panic. In the state of Connecticut, elementary students take the Connecticut Mastery Test, more […]