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Republicans for Immigration Reform

Prominent Republican strategists have announced they are forming a super-PAC to help redefine the party’s immigration stance and to figure out ways to appeal to Latino voters. The super-PAC, called Republicans for Immigration Reform, also hopes to undercut those in the party rallying for strict immigration enforcement, many who became heroes to immigration hard-liners but […]


The Latino Vote: Shaping Our Future

The day after the election a friend posted on my Facebook page, the “Latino Vote –unfrigginbelievable.” She’s right. Many factors contributed to President Obama’s re-election. But few are as important as the Latino vote. Hispanics made up 10 percent of the U.S. electorate this year—doubling in the past 16 years. The number of Latino voters […]


Obama Victory Shows Energized Latino Voters Make a Difference

The record, double-digit turnout by Latino voters on Tuesday—seen by experts as tipping the election in favor of President Barack Obama—shows that the long-dubbed Sleeping Giant is wide awake. “It’s unequivocally clear now that the road to the White House goes through Hispanic neighborhoods,” said Clarissa Martinez, director of civic engagement and immigration at the National […]