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How Partial Government Shutdown Affects our Kids

Five federally funded Head Start early childhood programs have stopped offering their services to 5,000 children of low-income families as a result of the partial government shutdown, according to the Washington Post. Head Start offers early childhood education programs, preschool, for children from birth to age 5. Over a million children, 37 percent of whom […]

A Latino Success Story for Hispanic Heritage Month

When Jose Hernandez was born, many people thought his life was mapped out for him. Raised by migrant farm workers, it was assumed he would continue working in the fields just as his ancestors had done before him. But Jose defied those expectations by dreaming big, working hard and believing he would one day reach […]

Why the US Needs to Speak Spanish

How many times have you heard this: “Hey, this is America! Learn the language…speak English?” I heard it as a child speaking with my grandparents and parents. I heard it as a teenager when speaking to my friends. I hear it as an adult when interacting with employees at the grocery store. The U.S. Census […]


What is Really Happening with Immigration Reform

Here’s a prediction you don’t often hear from inside the beltway: Immigration reform that strengthens border security, grows the economy, and gives 11 million undocumented immigrants an eventual shot at citizenship will be signed into law within the next few months. That is most definitely not the prevailing view of political reporters who seem hell-bent […]


Should Proof of Citizenship Be Required to Vote?

Kansas and Arizona are suing the federal government over the feds’ refusal to allow those two states to institute voter ID laws that conflict with federal law. The lawsuit asks the federal government to modify its voter registration form in those states to allow for proof of citizenship. Currently, the federal voter registration form only […]

The Reality of Being Bilingual and Bicultural

We now know that it is possible to speak two languages fluently and switch from one to the other with ease, but the gnawing question is, Can we belong to two different cultures? My mantra is that a language does not exist in a vacuum, that it does not float like a huge bubble drifting […]


Latinos are Social Media Mavens!

There is no one more hashtag happy or “Like” giddy than the average Hispanic online. Hispanics are the most active group on social media networking sites, according to a new Pew Report, reinforcing the importance of this young demographic to the future of mobile advertisers, web-sites, and apps. Read Related: Latinos Close the Digital Divide […]


Giselle Bundchen Pierces her Baby’s Ears. Yay or Nay?

Gisele Bundchen posted a sweet picture with her 7-month-old daughter that has somehow become the focus of an ongoing cultural debate. The picture in question shows the supermodel lovingly gazing at her baby girl, Vivian Lake, while she holds her in her arms. This is her second child with New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, […]


Death of Talia Joy Castellano

Talia Joy Castellano was a 12-year-old adorable cancer patient last year when she came out with a frank and heartbreaking video – which eventually became a YouTube hit – predicting she would die within a year. On Tuesday, her prophesy came true. Read Related: Happy Cancer Chick: Comedy, Chemo and the Power of Positivity The vivacious […]