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America: A Land Built Through Immigrants

When it first captured the national imagination, the word “immigrant” used to conjure up dreamy images of pilgrims braving the uncharted waters of the Atlantic Ocean, or throngs of foreigners crowded onto a ship’s deck, craning to get their first look at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, the very symbols of the hope, […]


Help a Victim of Domestic Violence with These Resources

I’ll call her Lina. At 30-something, she was smart, driven, and had the bubbliest personality. Yet, every now and then, she’d come into work with dark sunglasses glued to her face, and would hide from everyone in the office. We’d later hear her story of how she tripped down the stairs, or about her latest […]


More Latinas Running for Office? ¡Si, Se Puede!

November’s election outcomes were a decidedly big step for Latino voices around the country, prompting equal doses of cheers and celebration for some, and a rude awakening to reality for others. The votes of Latinos and women of color were pivotal in some of the most hotly-contested battleground states, a signal of the increasing engagement […]