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Tips to Stimulate Your Child With Special Needs

Early intervention, therapy and stimulation may consume your life after your child is born with special needs or has been diagnosed with any type of disability. You’ll hear time and time again that the first three years of a child’s life are the most important for development, and at the same time, how crucial it […]

Kids With Special Needs Speak Spanglish, Too!

This morning at 6 a.m., as usual, my daughter Ayelén, who has Down syndrome, woke up reluctantly and started getting ready for school. She then asked me for some milk, using the same phrase she uses every morning: “Mamita, may I have some leche, please?” That’s right: Kids with special needs speak Spanglish, too! I’m […]


Breastfeeding a Baby with Special Needs

I gave birth to two children, and I have two very different stories to tell about breastfeeding. Both of my kids have Down syndrome, but their diagnosis doesn’t make them the same. In fact, since the day they were born, they have demonstrated to me just how different they are from each other, despite their […]


How a Mom of a Child with Special Needs Handles Stress

Parents of kids with special needs tend to experience more stressful situations than typical parents. As a mother to two children who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome, I’ve encountered all sorts of isolation and stress while raising them. That’s why I know how important it is to be informed and to anticipate some of […]


Moms: Put Yourselves First When Setting Goals

Putting yourself at the top of your priorities list for the New Year may sound selfish. After all, as mothers and wives, we all have that tendency to set our New Year’s resolutions based on our family’s needs, and especially on our children’s needs. But we also know that when things aren’t working for us, […]