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Refusing to Be a Victim of Cancer

When I think back, there was a time when I was literally obsessed with the thought of cancer. The day my mother shared with the family she had been diagnosed with cancer, I remember telling her, “I love you with one breast or none.” I was overcome with fear but, of course, I never wanted […]


National Teacher Day: Thank You to All Educators

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. —William Arthur Ward When I think about National Teacher Day, I can’t help but reminisce about the teachers who impacted my life. They blessed me with their presence and I learned and grew from that interaction. I have had […]


Helping Our Kids Ace the State Exams

The dreaded State Exams are coming up once again and I, as a teacher and a mother, am on edge. As much as we prepare the children for the exam, we never really know what to expect. Being an educator is rough as it is. We teachers are nervous for the students in our classrooms. […]


Celebrating Read Across America Day

Read Across America Day holds a special place in my heart because, not only am I an avid reader, it also marks the birthday celebration of the beloved Dr. Seuss. I remember having tons of Dr. Seuss books as a kid and how they captivated me as a young reader. Following are three genres that you can use to […]

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Make Car Trips Educational for Kids

Mamiverse Community Manager Eileen Carter Campos has perfected incorporating a little study time into a family road trip. Whether you’re commuting or taking a cross-country vacation, these are great tips to make car trips educational! For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse! Read Related: Are We There Yet? 10 Tips on Smart Traveling with […]


Beyoncé’s Dreams are Those of Any Mom

I have been a longtime fan of Beyoncé—ever since she was in the group Destiny’s Child. I think that despite her high-wattage appeal, she has always come across as a humble person. That’s probably why I respond so positively to her. I appreciate celebrities who seem to share and express the same feelings as we […]