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Entertaining: Perfect for Super Bowl Munching—Meatballs

Editor’s Note:  Here’s a great recipe for the upcoming Super Bowl Madness…Meatballs with a spicy kick and even a splash of Tequila!  This recipe makes two dozen but if you make them into mini-meatballs…they are perfect for game-time munchies. “The vibrant flavors of México pop in these balls that get a kick from a splash […]


Spanish-Style Meatballs From La Mancha

Earthy ingredients from sunny Spain come together for a richly flavored meatball. A sharp Manchego sheep’s milk cheese and paprika-spiced chorizo sausage are mixed with ground pork and just a hint of red pepper flakes and garlic. When rolled into minis, these are a tapas treat. These Spanish-style meatballs stand up to a spicy meat […]