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Gay as the New Normal

Sometimes parents’ dreams for their children are deferred or redefined. One of those instances is when parents have to face the reality of having a gay son or daughter. For Fela Rodriguez, an elementary school teacher, knowing that her daughter was gay represented a shock that took her years to overcome. “She almost killed me,” […]


A College Heritage

The story of Luis Alberto Juarez, a student at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is nothing short of remarkable. Just 10 years ago, Juarez did not speak English. His mother, Agustina Juarez, fondly remembers his middle school teacher, Ms. Martinez, who recognized his potential and encouraged him to learn and thrive. He did […]


Why Unemployment Can Kill You

Unemployment kills not only dreams and careers, but it also affects the mental and physical health of the unemployed. Just ask people who are unemployed. Lessy Diaz is unemployed. She feels frustrated because she has worked all of her life and now she feels like she is not being a productive member of society. The […]