Let’s be honest. We don’t always act in the best way when faced with a negative comment. You might think you handle it well, but in reality, you snap back or you redirect the insult at the other person as a defense mechanism. It happens; we’re only human. But learning to accept helpful criticism will help you become a better and more successful person in both your personal and professional lives.

First, let’s discuss your personal life. When your spouse or partner criticizes the way you do something, or something you say, how you respond? Do you counter their comment with an even more insulting complaint? “Oh, you don’t like the way I organized your laundry? Well why don’t you do your own damn laundry and clean up after yourself for once?” Sound familiar? Or do you just ignore them and act like you didn’t even hear their critique? Maybe you get really angry and just start screaming about how rude they are, or maybe you go into the bathroom and cry when no one is looking. While all of those responses are totally normal and common, they aren’t really helping anyone, and ultimately your relationship might suffer. Your partner wants to know he or she is being heard, just as you would hope to be heard if the roles were switched.

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