12. Stay in touch to stay on top of travel tips.
These days you can find anything online in newsletters, articles, blogs and forums. Welcome to the information age where you can read recaps of Scandal, learn how to roast a chicken or research saving for your kids’ college fund all at the click of a button. Use this information to your benefit and sign up for newsletters or follow message boards and blogs where people offer travel rewards advice or share the latest mileage deals. Help me help you.

13. Pay attention to time sensitive offers.
An email comes in from your credit card company and once you realize it’s not a bill, you hit delete faster than you can say NO I DO NOT WANT TO ENROLL IN A NEW SAVINGS PROGRAM! But trust us, take a few seconds to read the email offers that come in, because you never know when one of those blasts will showcase a special rewards offer that might get you the miles you need to book that next romantic getaway. Isn’t the potential perk worth the quick look?