10. You can earn points on everyday purchases.
If you want to earn points towards your next dream vacation (Hey Turks and Caicos, can’t wait to meet you!) you will need to start spending, yes. But don’t assume you can only gain miles by making large purchases on items you don’t need. You can acquire rewards points on everyday items like groceries and gas as well. If you are comfortable using your credit card for all of your big or small expenses, start swiping so you can reach your goal (and cocktail on the beach) sooner.

11. Activate your points programs on your corporate credit card as well.
Just because you use a credit card for work expenses does not mean you shouldn’t benefit from the rewards points on those purchases. If you travel for work frequently then you can use the miles you earn from that travel towards your next personal trip. Just check with your boss and your company’s HR team to ensure they allow this.