5. Remember, ADHD can lead to other problems!
Nobody tells you that. Before we chose the medication route, we were dealing with some pretty scary side effects too. Anxiety. Depression. Low self-esteem. Let me frame a common situation: My son would be in class and his papers would fall from the desk. As he reached down to pick them up, he accidentally knocked into the desk next to his and a pencil box fell onto the floor spreading a little girl’s items all over the place. “You’re so stupid! You knocked over my stuff!” The teacher looks over and says, “Again? What’s going on now?” Instead of understanding that this is a rhetorical question, my son’s impulsivity would kick in and he’d answer in defense…and you can imagine the rest. Class after class, day after day. This can’t feel good, and my son finally said so. Without going into much detail, he was diagnosed with depression as a symptom of undiagnosed ADHD.