So how can we conquer gender inequality in the workplace? Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao, recently banned salary negotiations at the company in an effort to level the playing field. Most of the real solutions involve changing from the top but there are some things you can do.

Know the Law: Know what your legal rights are as well as what company policies are and don’t be shy about taking action if you think your company isn’t following discrimination laws.

Keep Records: Write everything down so that you can back up grievances or make a case to higher-ups about changing policies.

Find Resources: There are tons of government and non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting gender equality so take advantage!

Strength in Numbers: Work with other women at the office to push for changes. In fact, gender bias can be a two-way street. Work with likeminded men too!

Pay Attention: Be aware of subtle things like language, being talked over, double standards, etc.

Check out organizations like Gender Initiative, The White House, International Labor Organization and U.S. Department of Labor.