UPDATED April 15th, 2018

It can be a real challenge coming up with fabulous 60th birthday gift ideas. It’s one of those landmark events that calls for something extra. The Queen of England has a Diamond Jubilee on the 60th anniversary of her monarchy. And in China and Japan a 60th birthday marks five cycles through the Chinese zodiac, which signifies rebirth. Hinduism also honors 60 years as a time of rebirth accompanied by elaborate celebrations.

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Whether or not you attach cultural significance to a 60th birthday, it’s definitely a milestone and a time to stop and smell the roses. As the inimitable Mark Twain said, “I’m pushing sixty. That’s enough exercise for me.” That perfectly highlights why 60th birthday gift ideas are so elusive. The birthday gal or guy often has more ‘stuff’ than they know what to do with—they’re in the paring down and decluttering stage of life. Retirement is (hopefully) right around the corner, their interests are changing and their tastes are firmly set. So what do you get them?! We’ve rounded up 15 awesome 60th birthday gifts to please even the pickiest sexagenarian.

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