UPDATED April 18th, 2018

Why is it so hard for women to say what we really feel or ask for what we want from the men in our lives? On the other hand, we are great at sharing the most intimate details and thoughts with our girlfriends. And men…well, they can happily sit around talking a lot and saying nothing. They can also be very blunt. Or at least, that’s what we mujeres feel.


Let’s see if we can figure some of this out:

1). Women tend to be passive-aggressive.
As women, we manipulate, or at least try to manipulate men into doing what we want them to. We expect them to be mind readers, which unfortunately, they are not. Many of us beat around the bush because we fear coming across as needy or dependent. Historically, women were brought up to be submissive rather than assertive, so passive-aggressiveness has usually been our way of trying to get our way without appearing pushy. But this baffles guys!