Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac. People born under this sign are usually focused on being grounded through family and a warm, welcoming home. Cancerians tend to be romantic, sympathetic and protective. They are domestic, warm and love to nurture their loved ones. Along with the good, as with every other sign in the zodiac, comes the bad; so Cancerians can also be moody, territorial and clingy. Despite the bad that comes with the good, there are 30 famous cancers we’ll always love.

1. Gisele Bündchen*
Born July 20 • This Brazilian bombshell was loves her cubs fiercely, and nurtures her many homes, or metaphorical “ crab shells,” in the typical Cancerian fashion.

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2. Jessica Simpson
Born July 10 • Here’s another mami who cares for and protects her children, and puts her career on a bit of a hold in order to be the best mother possible.

3. Topher Grace
Born July 12 • This cutie bought an apartment in New York so that he could be closer to his family while working.