4. Emeril’s Mulligatawny Soup
We know Emeril Lagasse loves his flavors, after all his catch phrase is BAM! But the this Mulligatawny Soup takes it to a whole other level of delicious. A little bit sweet, a little bit savory, and a lot tasty, this hearty soup is overflowing with veggies, chicken, lentils, nuts and coconut milk. Talk about a party for your palette.

5. Paella Soup
This modern soup-tastic take on a classic Spanish paella will warm you up from the inside out. The veggies and rice are sautéed with saffron, then puréed and then enriched with cream to keep the dish fresh, but by using typical paella ingredients it still feels familiar (and tastes delicious).

6. Red Raspberry & Rhubarb Soup
Fruit in a soup? You know it! It’s a DESSERT SOUP! Best idea we’ve ever heard. You can serve it at the start of a meal as a palette cleanser or as a sweet treat when dinner is done.