1. Boozy Veggie Black Bean Chili
    Seriously, tell us one soup that screams winter quite like a hearty chili. It also happens to scream football so if you or someone you love spends their Sunday couch-bound with some pigskin, this dish is for you. The ingredients are inexpensive, the soup is filling and it can feed your hungry army at home in a jiffy…or say, during half time.
  1. Pork, Hominy & Vegetable Stew
    Starring the loveable braised pork, along with hominy and white beans, this pozole verde is satisfying on many sublime levels. You may want to turn down the heat in your home while you eat this because it’s going to warm you from the inside out.
  1. Pumpkin, Barley & Sage Soup
    This unique soup includes maple syrup, apple cider, pumpkin and the divine Andouille sausage. All incredible flavors made even more incredible when they are used together. This dish is a wise choice for dinner, indeed.