20 Lies about Sunscreen to Dispel Right Now-SliderPhoto


18. Kids need a special formula.
Use a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide-based sunscreen for kids, too. Some other skin protectants may be too harsh for kids, although experts are divided in their opinions. So, whether the product is labeled for kids or not, look at the ingredients.

19. A little sun binge on vacation can’t hurt.
The truth is you should never deliberately expose yourself to UV radiation without protection. Even a small amount of exposure can hurt.

20. Anything above SPF 15 is a waste. 
It’s just the opposite: anything below SPF 15 is a waste. The FDA has now ruled that, after next year, no sunscreen may be labeled as containing an SPF over 50, because such claims are unsubstantiated. But, you need a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Anything less is a waste of your money.