5. Alka-Seltzer Cures UTI or Yeast Infection
A popular home remedy involves dissolving 2 Alka-Seltzer tablets in water and drinking it at the onset of symptoms to relieve a urinary tract or yeast infection. So does this work? Most medical professionals agree that it doesn’t. The aspirin in Alka-Seltzer may relieve pain and the citric acid helps prevent urinary tract infections but it won’t cure them.

6. Remove Splinters with Elmer’s Glue
Ugh, splinters. The removal is more painful than the splinter itself. Good news! You can say bye-bye to your tweezers and instead try dotting a little Elmer’s Glue on the area of your skin where the splinter is. Let the glue dry and then peel it off. The splinter will most likely come right out with the glue.