11. Dr. Dre • February 18, 1965
Rapper, producer and mega-entrepreneur Dr. Dre first gained fame in the mid-eighties rapping with N.W.A. As a producer he helped launch the careers of Snoop Dogg and 2Pac in the early 90s and propelled Eminem to superstardom in 1999. Last year he was named the richest man in hip hop, earning an estimated $620 million when Apple bought out Beats by Dre.


12. Eva Mendes • March 5, 1975
The gorgeous Eva Mendes, one of the most stunning Pisces celebrities, is an actress, fashion designer and brand new mom to baby Esmerelda with (maybe fiancé) Ryan Gosling. Her signature easy ladylike glamour is accessible to everyone through her NY&CO collection. She recently reminded us that celebs are humans too when she lost it on stage during a Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer event. Pisces are sensitive!