7. Some of the Best Java of Your Life
Coffee is grown in precise conditions, roasted expertly, and lovingly prepared everywhere in the country. Breakfast usually includes café con leche, while onces usually means tinto or medium-bodied black coffee, with or without sugar.

8. Snack Time for Grownups
Onces is a mid-afternoon (4 or 5pm) small meal, usually including coffee or hot chocolate, served with white cheese and any number or sweet or savory pastries. The name once or “eleven” refers not to the time of the meal but to the number of letters in the word aguardiente, which is what the local schnapps is called. The origin of the repast was also code for taking a little nip and a bite before evening.

9. Hotness
Colombian women are thought to be very beautiful both by Colombians and foreigners, and they are far from waifs. Think Sofia Vergara.

10. Go Getters
There is an overwhelming trend toward entrepreneurship. Young Colombians tend to display and value creativity and resourcefulness.