1. Cards Against Humanity ($25)
    For the man who loves party games but hates people, Cards Against Humanity is “A party game for horrible people.” This is definitely not a gift for the prim and proper—it’s a bit like Mad Libs with good dose of inappropriate humor. To give you an idea, CAH had a one-day anti-Black Friday event when they suspended sales of the game on their site and only sold their special Bullsh*t Edition. Although the site clearly stated, and tweeted, that it was literally a box of poop, 30,000 intrigued shoppers paid $6 for what was indeed a small box of cow feces. Don’t worry, the game is strictly made of paper products and you can even download a DIY edition for free.
  1. Pebble Steel Smartwatch ($199)
    Even with newer, flashier smartwatches hitting the market, the Pebble Steel continues to get rave reviews for its functionality, sleek design and long battery life. It’s one of the top Christmas presents for Dad if he loves tech and doing business on the go.
  1. Guitar for Dummies Acoustic Starter Pack ($79.97)
    If you suspect that your father always secretly wanted to be a rock star, this Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack has everything he needs to learn to play the basics. It comes with a Kona Deluxe Acoustic Guitar, digital tuner, book and carrying case.