Upgrade-Check-10-Signs-that-it-is-Time-for-a-New-Computer-photo9Once upon a time voice-activated applications seemed like a futuristic gimmick—saying Call mom and having your phone dial your mother was fun for about five seconds. But in today’s world it is so much more than that. Matt Revis, VP of product management and marketing at Nuance, says of mobile devices “Speech is more directed to supporting a variety of lifestyle scenarios: professionals on the go, out-and-about fun, hands-free [calling] and so on.” In other words, Siri can actually be useful! So what can Siri do for you? She can be your own personal assistant and can help you be more efficient. She can make you a dinner reservation and she can make you laugh. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Here are 15 things to ask Siri today.