13. Ask Siri about other phones.
Ok, we bet you didn’t know this was on the list of questions to ask Siri. But ask at your own risk, as this can be a touchy subject. Here’s what happens when you ask: What’s the best computer?
Siri: The Apple Macintosh is my favorite computer.
You: What is the best tablet?
Siri: The Apple iPad. Need you ask?
You: What’s the best phone?
Siri: Wait…there are other phones?

14. If you’re feeling lonely…
…ask her if she’ll marry you. But be careful, getting rejected by a smartphone is a new low.

15. If you need a laugh…
…ask her to tell you a joke. Or ask her any one of these 100 clever questions that provide hysterical responses. Turns out Siri is quite hilarious (for a technology device with no sense of humor).