5. Divide & Conquer
If you’re a goal-oriented person who thrives on finishing one task and moving on to the next, you may want to tackle one room at a time instead of one chore at a time. For instance, instead of spending an hour vacuuming the whole house, spend an hour thoroughly vacuuming and dusting one room.

6. Detox Your Cleaning Supplies
This is a perfect opportunity to start replacing harsh chemical cleaning supplies with eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning supplies. A surprising number of cleaners can be replaced with simple and inexpensive DIY alternatives. If you want to stick with store-bought cleaners, the EPA has just launched the Safer Choice program. Just look for the Safer Choice logo on the label or browse their database of products that meet the Safer Choice standard.

7. Clean Up Your Food
Don’t just read the expiration date when you clean out your fridge and pantry, read the ingredients list as well. Throw out unhealthy items and commit to replacing them with more nutritious options.