Wednesday, March 6, Mamiverse was fortunate and honored to host a Twitter-Talk with the one and only Rita Moreno. A Hollywood legend and a star of stage, screen and television, Moreno is the only Hispanic and one of few performers ever to win an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony award. She joined us on Twitter to discuss her new autobiography, Rita Moreno, A Memoir, to answer questions from our readers, and to share anecdotes about working with some of the biggest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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Mamiverse chose 15 questions submitted by fans, and Moreno answered each of them during her hour-long Twitter-Talk. Her candid responses to your questions are included here:

Mamiverse: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner. Which one means the most to you?
Moreno: Why the Oscar of course!

Mamiverse: Why was the Oscar your favorite award?
Moreno: I’m honored by each award yet the pinnacle is being honored by one’s fellow actors and it was my very first award.

Mamiverse: How was it to write your life story in this book?
Moreno: It required a trip to the attic of my memory and a bit of dusting off, but it was cathartic, healing, and freeing.

Mamiverse: What actress would you have liked to work with that you didn’t get a chance to?
Moreno: Oh! Meryl Streep! She’s brilliant and it is wonderful to work with another that elevates your work.

Mamiverse: What leading man would you like to have by your side in a film?
Moreno: Oy vey! That would have to be Bradley Cooper.

Mamiverse: What is your favorite scene in West Side Story?
Moreno: Undoubtedly the candy store scene—it cut close to the bone and the racism I had personally endured—it was hurtful but allowed me to show the range of my emotion

Mamiverse:  In three words, describe Marlon Brando?
Moreno: Passionate, complex, disturbed.

Mamiverse: How do you remember Elvis Presley?
Moreno: He was innocent—bashful—immensely talented!

Mamiverse: What role do you wish you had auditioned for?
Moreno: No doubt. Debbie Reynolds’ part in Singin’ in the Rain.

Mamiverse: As a suicide survivor, advice for someone contemplating suicide?
Moreno: Do not define your self worth by your present circumstance—circumstances can and will change. Tell someone what you are feeling, don’t be alone.

Mamiverse:  What is your Life Mantra?
Moreno: KEEP ON MOVIN!  There is no substitution for perseverance.

Mamiverse: What traits in a person do you treasure most?
Moreno: The traits I value the most are truthfulness, loyalty and tenacity.

Mamiverse: Of the new crop of celebs, who do you find most talented?
Moreno: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper for sure.

Mamiverse: What is the best part of being a mother?
Moreno: Giving life and love to a person that is part of you.

Mamiverse: What advice would you give young people just starting out in the biz?
Moreno: Education, Education, Education!!!  Most likely you will need a vocation to support your avocation.

Ms. Moreno closed our Twitter-Talk with this tweet to attendees: “It’s so cold in NYC, this Twitter Talk was heart-warming and different. Good night!”

Thank you, @TheRitaMoreno, for being such a great Twitter star, a role model for Latinas, and an all-around class act!

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And also thank you to our Twitter followers for the phenomenal turnout. Following are just some of your fabulous tweets last night. If we had it our way, we’d publish them all!

Vanessa Oden Show ‏
@lorrainecladish It was a whirlwind, exciting experience! #RitaMorenoBook talk was amazing!

Tony Diaz ‏
@TheRitaMoreno: Twitter Talk was heart warming. Good night! #Ritamorenobook” a must for our #librotraficante Under Ground Libraries #latism

Veronica Pearman ‏
Thank you @MAMIVERSE for a wonderful TwitterParty! And Thank you to @TheRitaMoreno for your presence and openess!#RitaMorenoBook

@kcrojas ‏
Inspiring Twitter Chat with @TheRitaMoreno on her memoir; .this chat will make sure we “keep moving on” towards our goals!#ritamorenobook

Adriana R. Hughes ‏
@TheRitaMoreno a true testament to what is possible for all Latinos with perseverance ? #Adelante #RitaMorenoBook

Amanda Polanco ‏
Your book @TheRitaMoreno is gonna be top on my list to read books! #RitaMorenoBook

Ana ‏
Excited to partake in my 1st Twitter Talk and it’s with @TheRitaMoreno no less. Thanks, @MAMIVERSE, for making this happen! #RitaMorenoBook

Ofelia P in NJ
@MAMIVERSE on bright side, questions showed @TheRitaMoreno as woman, mother, professional, entertainer. Wow 60 min went fast@kcrojas

Shout out to @MAMIVERSE for hosting a very memorable & insightful twitter party this evening with Rita Moreno. Bravo!

Elizabeth Conde ‏
@MAMIVERSE Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this historical event with our one and only @TheRitaMoreno

@MAMIVERSE @TheRitaMoreno I can go on and on about my 1st glimpse of watching you on my little TV screen! I admire your work! keep going up!

Bohemian babushka
Memorable, memorable night. Thanks @MAMIVERSE @TheRitaMoreno for an unforgettable Tweety Fiesta. A COMPRAR EL LIBRO Y’ALL! #RitaMorenoBook

Orietta E. Ramirez
@TheRitaMoreno @MAMIVERSE I believe every chica should have at least one “bad boy” in her past … Marlon!

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