12. E-cigs don’t cause harm.
We’re not trying to scare you, but there are risks when you use these things. One man’s e-cig actually exploded in his mouth. It set fire to his room after knocking out all of his teeth and destroying some of his tongue. This is one of the most alarming dangers of electronic cigarettes.

13. E-cigs are made in America, so we know they have to follow strict rules and regulations.
FALSE. Most e-cigarettes are made in China! They are then sold under more than 300 different brand names in the United States, some of which are available at retail stores while others are only online. Remember this is an industry making an unimaginable amount of money off of our desire to quit.

14. It’s better than smoking pot.
Ummm….unless it is pot that you’re smoking. Pot concentrates can be vaporized with no telltale marijuana odor so the trend appears to be increasing for teens.