9. E-cigs are better for your heart health.
FALSE. Dr. Aruni Bhatnagara is a professor of medicine at the University of Louisville and spokesperson on electronic cigarettes for the American Heart Association who says,

“Another concern, beyond the possible impact of nicotine, are concerns about small, potentially toxic, particles and what they can do to the sensitive cardiovascular system.”We’re not out of the woods there yet.

10. If a child is trying an e-cig, he or she is probably already smoking.
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reported, “Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) experimentation and recent use doubled among US middle and high school students during 2011–2012, resulting in an estimated 1.78 million students having ever used e-cigarettes as of 2012. Moreover, in 2012, an estimated 160,000 students who reported ever using e-cigarettes had never used conventional cigarettes.”This makes us so very sad because we know that e-cigarettes could serve as a sort of ‘gateway drug’ to other substances.

11. E-cigs are regulated and not just anyone can get them.
FALSE. Because of the above statistics, we wish this were true, but you can buy e-cigs on the Internet, which makes them easy for kids to have delivered right to your front door.