12. Plank
If you cringe when you hear the word “plank,” we hear you. As simple as they seem, they’re incredibly tough and not all that fun to do. But planks help you lose back fat by building both abs and back strength, so you can look and feel strong on your front and backsides.

13. Backbends
If you are not flexible or you have never attempted this exercise before, you might want to wait until you are in a supervised fitness facility or yoga studio to try it. In yoga terms, a backbend is also called urdhva dhanurasana, or wheel pose. You start lying flat on the floor, knees bent, feet flat, legs hip width apart. Bend your elbows and place your hands flat on the floor by your ears, then slowly lift your chest and hips to the ceiling as your back lifts off the floor. Yeah, we warned you, this one is no joke.