8. Desk Twisting
Raise your hand if you sit at a desk all freakin’ day. Right now, for example, are you crouched over your computer screen with your shoulders tense and your back tight? BUSTED! Sit up tall, take a deep breath in and twist your back to one side, then as you exhale release and twist in the opposite direction. Do this as often as needed to prevent tension and stress in your back.

9. Desk Flexion
Every so often, stand up and allow yourself to fold forward completely with your head toward the floor and your knees soft. Let your vertebrae separate from one another as you collapse forward slowly, and keep your core engaged to control your movement. Just hang there for a few seconds, and then inhale as you rise up, one vertebra at a time.

10. Desk Extension
Every so often, reach your arms back around your chair, drop your head back, opening the chest and throat, look up and breathe.