8. Comic Con
Throw your own comic con and have everyone come as a favorite comic book hero or science fiction character. Once your guests make it past the cape check, they’ll be sure to enjoy your super spread. And make sure to have your sexual harassment code of conduct clearly posted.

9. Giving Back
Have a charity themed party to raise money for a charity of your choice.  You can use the color scheme of your charity on invitations and decorations. Pink-O-Ween for Breast Cancer or Booo Fest for Autism Speaks. Send out your invites through Punchbowl and you can even accept contributions for your charity online.

10. Cult Movie Party
While either The Warriors or Rocky Horror would provide enough characters to fill out your party, you could give your guests a chance to dust off those ironic bowling shirts they bought in Williamsburg with a party worthy of the Dude. Be sure to mix up a batch of White Russians for all of your little Lebowski achievers.

11. Star Wars vs. Star Trek
For the ultimate in Sci-Fi Halloween party ideas, throw down the gauntlet and make guests choose between Star Wars and Star Trek. Then, watch Jedi and Vulcans mingle.