6. Cotija (Mexico)
This firm, very salty cow cheese similar to dry feta hails from the town of Cotija, Michoacáis. Though moisture content will vary, all versions are quite crumbly and perfect sprinkled over soups, salads and beans. This is one of our most favorite types of cheese, hands down.

7. Cotija Añejo (Mexico)
This version of Cotija has been aged longer. Some manufacturers call it queso añejo, or simply, añejo. As the name implies, it’s and dry, and is staple of Mexican cooking, often crumbled over dishes or used like Parmesan.

8. Enchilado (Mexico)
Similar to Cotija añejo, this dry, crumbly white cheese is distinguished by its reddish appearance, the result of a mild red chile or paprika coating which adds a slightly spicy flavor. In cooked dishes, it softens but does not melt.