3. String and Ball Cheeses
Similar looking to mozzarella, this mild, firm white cheese with a sweet milk flavor and slight saltiness is usually braided or rolled into ball. Variations include: Oaxaca (Mexico), Queso Crineja (Venezuela), Queso de mano (Venezuela), Quesillo (Argentina), and Queso Pera (Colombia).

4. Requeson
Incredibly similar to Italy’s ricotta, this soft, creamy and spreadable grainy cheese is made from whey. Its fresh milk taste is used in salads, spreads, and fillings in cooked foods and dessert.

5. Asadero (Mexico)
This mild, off-white colored cheese is similar to provolone in its slightly tangy taste and firm texture. It slices and melts well and is used in quesadillas and nachos as well as on sandwiches.

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