Setting your alarm an hour earlier so you’ll have time for working out in the morning may sound painful but it hurts so good! For one thing, nothing makes you feel more virtuous than starting your day with
exercise. And that’s just one of the benefits. So before you start making excuses, check out these 10 reasons for working out in the morning.

1. You’ll Really Do It
If you just get up and get out the door before you have time to talk yourself out of it for two or three weeks, morning workouts will become a habit. It’s so easy to skip mid-day exercise once you’ve gotten caught up in the fray of work. And at the end of a hectic day all you want to do is kick back in front of the TV.

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2. Get More Bang for Your Buck
A 2013 Northumbria University study found that, “People can burn up to 20% more body fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach. “One of the study’s co-authors, Javier Gonzalez explains, “In order to lose body fat we need to use more fat than we consume. Exercise increases the total amount of energy we expend and a greater proportion of this energy comes from existing fat if the exercise is performed after an overnight fast.

3. It Gets You Pumped for the Day
Working out in the morning gets your blood pumping, clears your head and revs you up for a spectacular day.


4. Better Productivity
All of those good feelings make you more focused and productive at the office. And that could lead to so many good things like a raise or just some extra free-time.

5. Start Your Day with a Victory
Aside from the physical benefits, it’s hard to have a bad day when you do something your proud of before 9 am.


6. Coffee Makes It Better
It’s true! Pre-workout caffeine increases your performance while exercising and having a cup of joe afterwards will help your muscles recover.

7. Start Your Day Feeling Zen
Exercise is one of the best stress relievers there is. So along with your feeling of accomplishment, you’ll be cool as a cucumber when you get to the office.

8. Eat Healthier all Day
Less stress and the knowledge that you don’t want to undo all the good you did this morning, translates into better food choices during the day.


9. Sleep Tight
Once you get into a schedule of morning workouts, you’ll be able to get to bed earlier and sleep more soundly. Ahhh.

10. Eight Hours of Fat Burning
Working out in the morning revs up your metabolism to keep you burning fat all day long. Working out at night also revs up your metabolism but, you’ll reap the benefits for a few hours before bed.