House of Cards season 4 premiers on March 4 and we can hardly stand the suspense! Netflix has been teasing us with trailers that hint at an awesomely dark upcoming season of House of Cards episodes. As Frank Underwood says, “Nobody’s a Boy Scout. Not even Boy Scouts.” Adding to the hype, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery unveiled a portrait of President Francis J. Underwood on February 24 that will be on view until next October.

Here are 10 more reasons why we absolutely can’t wait for the House of Cards season 4 premiere!

1. The real world Presidential primary race.
The drama and outrageous rhetoric of our current presidential race makes House of Cards episodes look like a documentary. This season Frank Underwood’s running for reelection too — check out his campaign site, FU2016, it could totally be the real thing.

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2. Are Frank and Claire actually calling it quits?
Sure the politics are fascinating but the complex and combustible relationship between Frank and Claire is even more riveting thanks to the excellent performances of Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey.

3. What’s happening with Doug Stamper?
The trailers for House of Cards season 4 make it look like Doug may be murdering someone….


4. Who is going to die?!
We know politics is a dangerous game and heads are bound to roll, so who could Doug be murdering? And who will be next?!

5. Could it be Frank?
In the original U.K. House of Cards, Frank is assassinated. OMG! Will the U.S. version stick to that script?

6. Frank and Claire have new rivals.
According to TVLine, there are rumors that a new couple, “…who are the mirror image of Frank and Claire, only younger and (possibly) more British,” may make an appearance.


7. We get to meet Claire’s mom.
The phenomenal Ellen Burstyn joins House of Cards season 4 as Claire’s equally strong-willed and powerful mother. We can’t wait to see this mother/daughter dynamic play out!

8. What’s Joel Kinnaman’s role?
Joel Kinnaman from The Killing and Suicide Squad is joining the cast in an undisclosed role. Netflix tweeted a pic of him sitting across a table from Kevin Spacey and looking very political!


9. We can’t wait to see what Neve Campbell brings to the equation.
Scream queen Neve Campbell also joins the regular cast as a political consultant and possible Claire ally.

10. Season 5 is coming so there should be plenty of drama and suspense.
Since we know season 4 isn’t the end of the series (yay!), the tension should be building to a fever pitch. The possibilities are endless!