Let us make an important correction: It isn’t that you stop dancing because you grow old, but you grow old because you stop dancing. When was the last time you were in dark dance club with strangers, escaping into the thought-dissolving world of dance? Dance music clubs are places where self-expression reigns, where not so much talking is done, and where the music takes you to a place outside yourself and away from your everyday life. It’s almost impossible not to move to the music in a club and feel the endorphin rush. If you like to dance around in your bedroom with the music blasting, why not grab some friends and hit a club together for a little release from it all instead?

In our opinion, a few hours of dancing at around midnight are far better than having to go to the gym at the crack of dawn. Dr. Anas el-Turabi, academic clinical fellow at the University of Cambridge, told The Guardian: “Dancing can be an excellent form of aerobic exercise, particularly as many people who might not be motivated to work out on a treadmill or go for a run might feel much happier dancing. And dancing is also good for your mental health.” Here are 10 reasons you should hit a dance club at least one this year.

1. Laugh out loud
Go on laugh your heart out, it’s good for you. Most of us look silly when we dance. So laugh your troubles away as your friend does a spastic running man fused with the moonwalk move.

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2. Discard inhibitions
What a dark room and great music allow for is the courage to let loose and let your hair down. There aren’t too many places around these days where you can do that, but dance clubs.

3. Loud music
When loud music is playing, the brain is stimulated into releasing feel good hormones that make us calm and happy. What’s that? We couldn’t hear you, we were dancing.


4. Socialize
Being out with friends and meeting new people boosts your brain power. Researchers found that people who engaged in social interaction displayed higher levels of cognitive performance.

5. Alcohol
Having a moderate amount of alcohol increases the dopamine in your brain and helps you feel happy and less stressed. Don’t overdo it though, too much will be a depressive and ruin your dance moves.

6. Mind stimulation
Clubs offer high doses of mental stimulation. People who lead intellectually stimulating lives are also more likely to be free of dementia and have a better memory.


7. Dress up
It’s an excuse to dress up and create a new persona. When you dress up, you want to live up to your outfit. If you look good, and you feel beautiful, you’ll want to behave that way.

8. Kiss
If you’re lucky, you might end up smooching with an attractive stranger on the dancefloor. If you do, not only will it be fun, but it will affect your oxytocin and cortisol levels, reducing stress.


9. Dance
According to a study, depressed patients who participated in an upbeat group dance showed the fewest depression symptoms and the most vitality. Feeling down? Grab friends and go out clubbing!

10. Bond with friends
If you make it to the club with your friends this year, it will be a memorable night for all of you to look back on and laugh, remembering all the dance floor zaniness that went down, instead of sitting at home eating ice cream and watching Netflix. Now go dance!