Nothing is simpler than a basic popover recipe: mix flour, eggs and milk the bake in a muffin tin for 40 minutes. What comes out of the oven — if they pop over as planned — are big feather light, puffs with a crisp outside and custardy, almost hollow inside. Popovers are widely considered to be an American take on Yorkshire pudding and the first printed popover recipe was included in Practical Cooking by M.N. Henderson in 1876. They’re called popovers because they are supposed to pop over the edges of the muffin tin.

To achieve the perfect popover recipe results, The Kitchn has these tips:

• Mix the batter until it’s completely smooth.
• Froth the batter just before pouring.
• Cook them in a very hot oven in a preheated pan and lower the temp halfway through.
• Don’t open the oven door while cooking.
Cut a slit in the bottom of each popover to let the steam escape while cooling.

Now try these 10 ways to perfect your popover technique.

1. Basic Popovers
Once you’ve got this down, the sky’s the limit!

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2. Thyme Popovers
This is a simple popover recipe with a dash of thyme for seasoning.

3. Sugared Raspberry Popovers
These scrumptious treats are made with fresh raspberries and vanilla paste, then dusted with sugar. Perfect for breakfast or dessert.

4. Petit Coconut Popovers
Tiny pastries infused with the benefits of coconut. This recipe uses coconut milk and shredded coconut. It calls for a mini popover pan but you can use a mini muffin tin too.


5. Churro Popovers
Who doesn’t love churros? These are just as good without all the fat from frying.

6. Popover with Poached Egg, Roasted Tomatoes & Gorgonzola
This definitely goes on your next brunch menu! This popover recipe is based on the famous Neiman Marcus popovers, however it links to NM blog which no longer has the recipe. But we’ve got you covered and you can find the official NM recipe here.

7. Pancetta, Parmesan & Black Pepper Popovers
These savory bites are delicious for brunch, appetizers or lunch…maybe even dinner.


8. Garlic & Cheese Popovers
Same goes for these but vegetarians can eat them too!

9. Double Chocolate Dessert Popovers
These decadent desserts are made with pure cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips so they’re sort-of guilt-free.

10. Gruyère Chive Popovers
We’ll take any excuse to eat Gruyère and it’s amazing in popovers.