It’s one of the most mercurial zodiac signs, so Gemini traits are often misunderstood. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that many stereotypes about the Gemini sign are totally undeserved. Since the twins rule the zodiac from May 21 to June 20, this is the perfect time to brush up on the real Gemini traits and dispel those myths!

1. They are Two-Faced
There’s a reason Gemini is represented by the twins — in a way they’re literally two-faced. However, the term two-faced usually describes someone who is nice to your face, then talks about you behind your back. In this case, it means they’re able to see the world from different perspectives.

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2. They’re Unreliable
We like to say mercurial. The twins have a tendency to change their minds abruptly but that doesn’t mean they can’t be counted on when it really matters.

3. They’re Flaky
As we mentioned above, those born under the Gemini sign tend to change their minds a lot. They also have many different interests and dislike sitting still which is sometimes confused with being spacey or flaky. Remember, there’s always a method to their madness.


4. They can be Creative with the Truth
It may come across as stretching the truth when a Gemini describes the same event from two (or more) very different perspectives. In fact, they have a more holistic concept of the truth.

5. They’re Wishy-Washy
It all comes back to the key Gemini traits of multi-faceted perception and an energetic, sharp, inquisitive nature. Yes, they do change their minds a lot but it’s not from a lack of conviction; it’s a desire to truly understand.


6. They’re Fickle
This one is a teeny bit true but only on the surface. Once a Gemini has seen things from every angle, they’re loyal to those close to them.

7. They’re Superficial
Geminis are energetic, outgoing and their changeability can come across as superficial. It’s actually just the opposite because they tend to look beneath the surface see things others may miss.


8.They’re Easily Distracted
These quick changes of perspective sometimes make Geminis appear unfocused when they’re actually ultra-focused on examining all sides of an issue.

9. They’re Aloof
Geminis don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves but they are far from aloof.

10. They’re Schemers
Strategizing is definitely one of Geminis strong suits but combined with an ever evolving point of view, it does seem a bit shady. Most Geminis are more interested in getting to the real truth than in manipulating people.