There’s nothing quite like the majesty of watching fall leaves change color. The gorgeous spectacle enough to make you look forward to the autumn‘s shorter days and cooler temperatures. As philosopher Albert Camus so beautifully put it, “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” Aside from adorning the world in a new seasonal palette, fall colors remind us to appreciate the world around us and take a few moments to reflect on life.

These are just 10 of the many life lessons we can learn from fall leaves.

1. The Cycle of Life
Life is a series of cycles repeating over and over. There’s something soothing in the knowledge that the sun rises and sets each day and that the leaves grow green and flourish, then change color and fall so they can return again in spring.

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2. Death = Rebirth
Fall colors are a stunning sign that the leaves are dying. But the tree still lives to be reborn again in spring.

3. Embrace Change
This reminds us that change may be scary but it’s inevitable so rather than fight it, we should welcome change and look forward to whatever comes.


4. We’re Constantly Evolving
If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, just stop to look at the fall leaves changing and know that everyone and everything is constantly evolving.

5. We All Need a Break
Leaves change color each fall as trees get ready for winter, when there’s not enough light and water for photosynthesis, by shutting down chlorophyll production. As the green fades out, other colors briefly take over. Trees know when it’s time to take a break and so should you!


6. You Can’t Stop Time
The changing seasons always remind us that, no matter what’s going on in our lives, time continues to march on. It’s important to stop and think about whether you are making the most of your time here on Earth.

7. No One Lives Forever
Since we know we can’t stop time, we also know that no one lives forever. So learn to value the time you have and the people you love.

8. Balance
On the autumn equinox day and night are the same length. Fall is a great time to reset and try to create balance in your life too.


9. See the Beauty Around You
Stop and watch a sunset now and then, take a leaf peeping hike, look out at the ocean, take a walk in the garden. Whatever you do, don’t let the beauty surrounding you pass by unnoticed.

10. Mother Nature is Amazing
Respect Mother Nature! We all tend to bury ourselves in our myriad electronic devices but, as incredible as technology is, nothing compares to the power of nature.