1. Flowerpot Cake
This is an adorable idea—a cake that fits into a flowerpot. And to make it look legit, you top the entire thing off with flowers, and mint sprigs to make it look like a real flowerpot. Except this is the most delicious pot of petals you’ll ever see, because you can dig in and eat the entire thing.

2. Strawberry Rose Cupcakes
Strawberry jam mixed with vanilla cupcakes creates a familiar, fruity and sweet (but not too sweet) cupcake treat, but the real treat comes from the rose water and fresh rose petals. These cupcakes actually look as good as they taste, and they’re so pretty you won’t want to eat them.

3. Spring Flower Lollipops
If you’re looking to serve a sucker with a little extra pizazz and class these flower lollipops are for you. They look more like artwork and less like candy, and yet they taste so good you won’t think twice about breaking open the wrapper.