There’s nothing like trying some new coffee dessert recipes to add a little zing to your post-meal treats. The aroma alone perks you up a bit and the bitterness of coffee perfectly offsets the sweetness of dessert. Get ready for some serious deliciousness with these 10 coffee flavored desserts.

1. Coffee Macarons
Coffee Macarons are ideal for a summer party because the Italian-style meringue holds up to humidity. Almond meal gives them a light nutty flavor and the coffee buttercream filling is heavenly.

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2. Chocolate, Coffee & Caramel Layer Cake
This tops of the list of totally decadent coffee dessert recipes. It’s an exposed dark chocolate layer cake with a cup of piping hot coffee added to the batter and topped with caramel buttercream frosting. Finish it off with a drizzle of caramel and a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips.

3. Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches
Who can say no to grown-up ice cream sandwiches with homemade espresso chocolate chip cookies and coffee ice cream? If you’re feeling really ambitious you can make the ice cream from scratch too.


4. Espresso Brownies
Switch up your regular brownies with these gooey, chocolaty espresso infused treats.

5. Chocolate Espresso Dip
Start planning your tea (or coffee) party now! You can serve this dip — made with cream cheese, chopped espresso beans and espresso powder — with biscotti or cookies.


6. Coffee Sambuca Shakes
Coffee-flavored desserts, like these Coffee Sambuca Shakes are a great way to upgrade your childhood favorites.

7. Mocha Crunch Cupcakes
The leopard cupcake wrappers are almost the best part of this dessert. Almost. Mocha cupcakes, a mountain of chocolate buttercream frosting and rich dark chocolate sauce topped with crumbled malt balls. Need we say more?


8. Orange Coffee Flan
Everyone loves a good flan. This one’s extra special thanks to orange zest and espresso powder.

9. Skinny Mocha Cheesecake Bars
We had to include at least one skinny option in our list of coffee dessert recipes. They’re made with less sugar and Greek yogurt mixed with cream cheese. All the indulgence without the guilt!

10. Mocha Ice Box Cake
It’s not summer without a no-bake ice box cake! This one’s super easy and the results are a scrumptiously light and airy treat.