Shrink your carbon footprint and your waistline by substituting bean recipes for meat once a week. There are other vegetable protein options but it’s hard to beat beans in terms of nutritional value and most of us aren’t eating enough of them. According to The Bean Institute, “Americans consume, on average, about 6.5 pounds of dry beans yearly which is…a little more than one quarter of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommendation of three cups of beans per week.” Plus, they’re incredibly versatile and delicious! Start working these 10 bean recipes into your weekly rotation and learn to love cooking beans today!

1. Black Bean Brownies
One of the reasons beans are so versatile is because of their creamy texture and ability to absorb the flavor of whatever they’re cooked with. This is great news for your sweet tooth because these brownies are totally guilt-free thanks to the complex carbs and protein.

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2. Boozy Veggie Black Bean Chili
Chili is the ultimate cold weather comfort food and beer makes the flavors in this delish recipe come alive. It’s a hearty dish, with vegan sausage and pumpkin puree, that makes all of your winter blahs melt away.

3. Easy Double Bean Burgers with Avocado Basil Cream
Moms who want bean recipes that their kids will love, look no further! These tasty burgers are made with black and cannellini beans but it’s the Avocado Basil Cream that really makes them stand out from the crowd.


4. Black Bean Soup with Dumplings
The only thing better than a deliciously spicy black bean soup is a deliciously spicy black bean soup with dumplings.

5. Bean Chilaquiles with Avocado & Queso Fresco
Serve up a super easy Mexican-style brunch in a single frying pan. If you like to experiment with cooking beans, this dish is a great place to start because it’s so easy to modify.


6. Black Bean & Jalapeño Hummus with Fresh Herbs
Ditch fattening sour cream or cheese-based dips for good. This incredible hummus is low-fat and packed with nutrition so you can snack to your heart’s delight. As long as you’re dipping veggies and not chips of course!

7. Roasted Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas
Here’s another seasonal meal that’s very kid-friendly. The squash adds a dash of sweetness and it’s easy to wrap for a snack on the go.


8. Cuban Rice & Beans with Crispy Fried Plantains
No list of bean recipes is complete without good old-fashioned rice and beans. Chef Ema Quevedo’s Cuban dish will make you feel like you’re in Havana.

9. Cajun Spiced Oatmeal with Red Pepper, Black Beans & Spinach
You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this delectable oatmeal creation. It works for a savory breakfast, lunch or light dinner and you’ll get a mega-dose of fiber from the oat and bean combo.

10. Black Bean Loaf with Creamy Avocado Verde Sauce
Go vegan and gluten-free without even realizing it by whipping up a yummy Black Bean Loaf. You can serve it with eggs for an extra energizing breakfast. Even better, you can make a couple of loaves at once and freeze one for later.