Lorraine C. Ladish

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Lorraine C. Ladish



Lorraine C. Ladish is Editor-in-Chief of Mamiverse.

The mother of two young girls, Lorraine is fully bilingual and bicultural. She has authored 15 books of non-fiction on the subject of women’s issues and empowerment. In addition, she has written and published two novels. 

She has contributed to People en Español, Redbook, Babycenter and Mamiverse in the past, and was most recently the managing editor of VOXXI Mujer, an online news site for English-speaking Hispanics. She writes, edits and does social media at Mamiverse and also enjoys posting on her personal blog.  She is based in Sarasota, FL with her blended family.

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You may e-mail her at: lorraine.ladish@mamiverse.com

Her Articles on Mamiverse:[authorposts id=110]